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I just wanted to say how good your dog foods are. I work with animals as a dog walker/pet carer and have recommended Burns to all my customers, my friends and family. My 2 year old Jack Russell, Kizer has always had Burns and he loves it & he's so fit & healthy & active. My mother's 9 year old cocker spaniel, Monty had been given many different brands of dog food over the years. My mother switched over to Burns dog foods 3 or 4 months ago. He's slimmed down, his eyes, ears & mouth have cleared up. He previously had problems with his eyes running and ear wax, not to mention his breath!! His coat is much smoother and shinier now too, everybody has mentioned how much better he looks all-round, and he just seems so much happier. So I would just really like to say a big thank you to you all for creating such a wonderful product and improving the lives of all the special pets in our lives!

B Morgan

Henry has been eating Burns exclusively since the behaviourist recommended the product to eradicate Henry's hyperactivity and weight gain. I had raised him on what I thought was a top quality dried food from another supplier! But Burns has completely changed Henry's life and now, at 11 years old, he's slim, fit and active. But your Fish and Maize has to be the best news ever - my wonderful dog had dreadful wind, even on Burns! He could clear the room instantly .... until we tried your Fish and maize. Instant cure! We went back to Chicken and Brown Rice, just to test, and couldn't wait for him to finish the bag before we went back to Maize. Thank you again, Burns, for a fantastic product!

S Willis

I just wanted to say what a difference I have noticed in my Labradoodle pup, Pebbles, since changing to the Burns diet. He is so much happier, needs to eat far less than he did, his smell has all but gone and his coat is very soft. He seems much calmer and far less stressed than he was before I changed him—and all of this in just a few weeks. He is a lovely healthy happy boy who loves to get into mischief and so enjoys his life it is a joy to see!

Jo Walsh