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CRUFTS 2017 Highlights in Pictures

Published: Monday, March 13, 2017

Crufts is over for another year and we've had a fantastic time meeting lots of Burns-sponsored dogs, loyal customers and of course meeting the amazing range of breeds and organisations on show.

Although Crufts is a very divisive event and we don't agree with all the practices that go on, it's also filled with lots of credible dog owners and organisations, which we want to celebrate in this post.

Until next year, Crufts!

Here a few of our highlights:

#1 The Bearded Collies were a delight

#2 So were the array of sheepdogs and collies

#3 We met Apatchi the Samoyed who represents Say No to Dog Meat

This amazing organisation is headed up by Julia de Cadenet who is CEO of World Protection of Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade

Julia has been campaigning for an end to dog and cat meat production since 2013

#4 From Chow Chows to Welsh Terriers to Basset Hounds, every breed imaginable was in attendance...

#5 Including internet sensation Doge a.k.a Shiba Inu

#6 We got to see numerous Akitas in action

#6 We had lots of lovely visitors to our Burns stand including...

Burns-fed Olly the Jack Russell

Olly is a YouTube sensation- his hilarious performance in the Blue Cross Rescue agility went viral on the internet

OIly eats Burns Alert and is one of the happiest dogs we've ever seen

 #7 Dodger dog from the Dodger book series also stopped by for a photo at our social photobooth


#8 Noel from Supervet sashayed past the stand with a crowd of lady fans following closely behind.. 


#9 We stumbled into an episode of BBC's Hacker T Dog being filmed... 



#10 We had a lot of fun with customers, stockists and sponsored dogs at our social photobooth


Even John had a go

#11 We met an array of Welsh dogs

#12 Including Trev and Angie who are from West Wales where Burns HQ is based!

#13 We saw the best waistcoat ever as modelled by Burns customer, Carl Portman


#14 We had a blast sharing our stand with our Charities of the Year, National Animal Welfare Trust and Appaws for Autism


#15 And we met a beautiful Staffie named Jess


Until next year, Crufts!


For now, take a look at our events schedule for summer 2017


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