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Published: Monday, June 6, 2011

I’ve had some feedback from Burns stockists saying that I don’t do enough on my blog to promote Burns. Whatever it is I’m doing here, it isn’t intended as an attempt to boost sales. I know I’m not the greatest of communicators but I am just giving my personal view on things I think are interesting or important. I know what I say won’t change much but now and again someone tells me they read my blog and that eases the doubting.

I know I am in danger of being cast (or already am) as the Grumpy Old Man because I carp a great deal about lots of things. When it comes to pet nutrition and health it pains me to read and hear so much misleading information being peddled in the name of selling pet food. Should I ignore it and concentrate on doing my own thing or should I try to counteract what I think is wrong information? I think the latter.

Food supplements
On that note I saw a large advert for a pet food which claims to have x% more Vitamin E and Vitamin C and y% more Omega 3 oils than other pet foods. That may be true but it may not mean a lot. As with all nutrients, once a need has been satisfied, a surplus doesn’t do anything (except perhaps create a problem).

And, on that note, Omega 3 oils seem to be the Holy Grail at the moment. Whether it’s skin condition, tear staining, dandruff, crusty noses, arthritis, the immune system, essential fatty acids (EFAs) are the answer to everything. Unless I’m missing something, EFA supplementation is only effective in case of actual deficiency.

It is part of the human condition that we think we can take a supplement which will transform our health without having to make any fundamental changes to our diet or lifestyle. Most people think that with the right supplements they can live on deep-fried Mars Bars and haggis suppers so why bother with brown rice and vegetables? And so it is with our pets…

A date to remember?
Just realised this is the anniversary of D-Day…

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