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Overweight Dogs | How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

by Vicky Bassett

Has your Dog’s collar got a bit tight? it could be that they have enjoyed the festive season a little too much or perhaps they haven’t been getting their usual exercise. Whatever the cause of your dog’s weight gain, it’s always best to try to get the extra weight off as soon as you can.

What’s Making My Dog Gain Weight?

Like us, it’s so easy for your dog to gain weight. It all starts with a treat here and there, a few dog chews throughout the day, or some leftovers from our dinner. It can be so hard to resist giving them something extra when they look at you with those big pleading dog eyes of theirs. Although they seem small, these dog treats can soon pack on the extra pounds. Did you know that a medium chew can equate to around 30 grams of food? It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

The Facts

Sadly, it is estimated that 51% of dogs in the UK are overweight and worryingly, many dog owners are not aware their pet pooch is carrying more weight than they should.

Common Reasons for Weight Gain in Dogs:

• Lack of exercise
• Over feeding
• Too many treats
• Ageing

Did You Know:

Being overweight can lead to other health complications such as diabetes, breathing problems, joint issues and sadly, it can also shorten your pet’s life span!

Top Tips for doggy weight loss:

• Always weigh your dog’s food.
• Look for a low-fat treat or exchange usual treats for some healthy vegetables, such as carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, or cucumber.
• Increase activity slowly, by adding 10 minutes onto the usual walk every time you go out.
• If your dog has slowed down, then check to see if their daily food needs to be reduced.
• Introducing feeding toys can not only help get them moving, but they are also great for mental stimulation.
• Feed a specialist diet, such as our award winning specialist Weight Control food.

If you’d like some help and advice on doggy weight loss, contact the nutrition team and we’ll get your dog shedding those extra pounds quickly.


by Vicky Bassett

I started in Burns in 2007 and I have worked in various areas of the company. I have been on the nutrition team for 4 years and I love helping people with their nutritional queries, being office based has also given me time to do several courses such as Canine Anatomy and Physiology.