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Doggy Date Night | 14 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog for Valentine’s Day

by Burns Team Writer

For those of us who would rather date our dogs than spend time with anyone else in the world, this is the blog for you. The invention of dogs is by far the best thing to happen to humankind ever, and that includes microwavable breakfasts and period dramas on Netflix. We can think of no better way to show our love for our dogs than by planning a doggy date night. Here’s our ultimate list of dog activities you can do while in lockdown.

1, A Romantic Hike

Fancy, dog-friendly restaurants are out of the question anyway, so why not get out in the fresh air and take your dog for a long hike. Dogs aren’t naturally lazy, and they also enjoy smelling things, so letting them take the lead for a long walk (or ‘sniffari) will give them great exercise, mental stimulation and can even strengthen your bond with them.

Bored of your daily walk with your dog? Read the Burns ultimate guide to making your lockdown walks more interesting.

2, Doggy Spa Day

Why not get cosy at home, put on a soppy movie and partake in some much needed pooch pampering for dog date night? Give your dog a mini-groom, buy some pup friendly shampoo, or throw in a stress-relieving doggy massage to make the day complete. Dog massage therapy is becoming really popular, but make sure you brush up on the basics before you try it out on your pooch.

  3, Petflix and Chill

You can’t have a doggy date night without snuggling up   on the sofa to watch some of your favourite movies with   a bag of treats. Whether you fancy a tearjerker (Marley   and Me), something classic (Lady and The Tramp), or   something funny (Beethoven), there are plenty of   movies out there to remind us just how much we love our dogs.

4, The Great British Bark Off

Why not whip up some tasty snacks for your furry best pal. There are tons of dog friendly recipes online. From pupcakes and pancakes to biscuits and brownies, your dog won’t be able to stay out of the kitchen while you’re baking up a batch.

Remember, while a one off treat is okay, pet obesity is a growing concern. Make sure you don’t go overboard on the extra calories. Afterall, the ultimate way to show your dog you love them is to make sure they’re healthy and happy.

5, Hide and Seek

There are plenty of videos out there featuring dogs playing hide and seek with their owners. Not only is this a fun game for your dog, and one which provides a lot of mental stimulation, but it’s also is a great physical activity too. You could play hide and seek with toys, treats or you could even hide yourself and see how long it takes them to find you.

6, Pup School

Despite what the old saying says, a dog is never too old to learn a new trick. Even if your dog knows basic commands such as sit, stay and speak, there are so many other fun, impressive tricks that you can learn together. Create some space in your living room and search for the best dog training videos online, you’d be surprised how quick your pup can pick up a fun, new trick.

Psst … we recommend ‘The Snoot Challenge.’

7, Downward Facing Dog

Before it took the world, and cosmetically enhanced celebrities, by storm in the early 90s, yoga was a traditional practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. As dog owners, we love to include our pooches in everything we do, and yoga is no exception. Dog yoga has been doing the rounds on social media for years now, and while we suspect that most pooches will take it as an opportunity to lick your face while you’re stuck in a pose, we still think it’s worth a go.

8, Pup Selfies

If you’re planning some fun activities with your dog, you might want to think of capturing the moment with a picture. Practice with your dog, use different poses, pull some faces, or get some pics of the two of you in a different environment. Take a picture with flowers, in nature, or capture your pup’s new yoga routine for social media. They won’t ever forgive you, but it’ll definitely get you a few likes online.

9, A Romantic Pupnic

Dogs and humans share something in common, we both love food and we both thrive in nature. What better way to show your dog you love them than by planning a romantic doggy picnic in the garden? Bring some treats, get some blankets, a couple of toys for your furpal and take some time to relax.

10, Game Night

Get some new toys for your dog and plan a game night. There are so many great games to play with your dog, from tug of war to frisbee. You can even get your dog’s thinking cap on by playing the shell game. Spending time with you, learning something new and hearing lots of ‘good boys’ and ‘good girls’ is the ultimate Valentine’s activity for your dog.

11, Make a Furever Memory

Create a dog memento that will last forever. There are lots of kits you can buy online that will give you the perfect memory of your pet, from pet safe paw printing kits to paw moulds, there are lots of creative ways to show the world how much you love your pet.

12, Social Media Stardom

Once you’ve made your memories, you need to show them off. Social media is becoming increasingly popular for pets and pet owners, with some pet accounts maxing an unbelievable 10 million followers (@JiffPom we’re looking at you).

Creating a social media account is easy, and filling it full of pictures of your beloved pooch is even easier.

13, Dog Sanctuary

There are so many ways to show your pet you love them, but perhaps one of the most important ways is by providing them with a safe space. Creating a little dog sanctuary at home provides an extra level of comfort that’s perfect for anxious pooches. Use a table and chairs covered in blankets, or choose their favourite space to hide and add a blanket and some toys.

14, Balance Some Treats On Their Nose

No seriously. Test your balancing skills and your dog’s patience with you by balancing some treats on their nose. Place a treat on their nose and slowly increase the length of time you leave it there. Practice this a few times and they’ll be pros in no time.

Have you got some great ideas for a woofing good Doggy Date Night? Let us know by tagging us on social media @BurnsPet and using #Valententails