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Bring your dog to work (at home) day 2020

by Burns Team Writer

Every day is ‘Bring your dog to work day’ here at Burns and this year that is truer than ever. With a lot of our staff having to work from home these days our pets are now even more a part of our workday and we love it.

We can only see the benefits of spending as much time as we can with our four legged friends and now the rest of the country gets to be a part of ‘Bring your dog to work day’ every day too.

It is proven that dogs can have a significant impact on your mental health and in these strange times it can be more difficult to keep your spirits up. Here’s an insight into how our dogs are helping us to work from home.

Head of Nutrition Laura Crotch Harvey and her Staffy cross Amber

‘Amber has been an endless source of entertainment during lockdown. We have recently moved house so there was a lot of change for Amber to deal with and it has been a bit of an unsettling time for her, as it has been for a lot of dogs, but she has still managed to keep up ‘staff morale’.’

Steve Cayton, Sales Rep and his Japanese Chins, Sydney and Connie and their four new puppies

‘Bring your dog to work day will be pretty busy at our house this year. Back on May 28 we welcomed four new puppies into our household. They are Japanese Chins from our dogs Sydney and Connie. They have been so entertaining and have made it a joy to work from home.’

Lucy Littler, Graphic designer and Illustrator and her Cockapoo Maggie

‘I could easily bring Maggie to work every day. She is so chilled out and just gives out good, relaxing vibes. No one could be stressed at work with Maggie around.’

Lynsey Armstrong, Junior Copywriter and her Springer Spaniel x German Shepherd Doug

‘Doug is very high energy due to his breed but has adapted to me working from home so well. He is often snoozing on the sofa alongside me. He is also a great source of content for our social media and blogs. You could say he is my muse.’