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Anything is Pawsible


Breed: Spaniel Cross

Age: 10 months

Given up by her owners, Sheba arrived at Mayhew nervous and shut down. With lots of love and affection from Mayhew’s animal care team, Sheba’s confidence has blossomed. While she is still a bit shy, she loves playing ball and the team have been building this into her training plan to help bring her out of her shell and develop her confidence further.

Sheba is looking for an owner who will give her the patience and understanding she needs and to help her understand what a joyful place the world can be.


Age: 1 year

Slippers arrived at Mayhew after tenants moving into a new flat found an open cat carrier in the garden. Slippers was sheltering inside, with a note attached saying, “This is a black and white cat, she is very friendly, please don’t throw it away”. They brought her straight to Mayhew, where she was assessed by the expert vet team and received lots of TLC from the animal care team.

Slippers is a busy little girl who is always keen to venture up on to your lap. Slippers has been at Mayhew for a number of months and they are doing all they can to find her a loving home as soon as possible.

Slippers – Mayhew (


Age: 2 months old

Michael arrived at Mayhew with his siblings after being found in a box on a sweltering hot day in a local park. Michael must be adopted with his sister Sara, who looks after him. Sara loves fuss and cuddles but Michael is a bit shyer and normally follows Sara’s lead.

He is a slightly more sensitive soul and bonds well with people he knows. This brother and sister are looking for a home where they will receive plenty of playtime, cuddles and affection on their own terms.

Michael and Sara – Mayhew (


Breed: Spaniel Crossbreed

Age: 2 months old

Given up by her previous owner, Bubbles is a sweet, playful and active pup who gets along well with everyone she meets. She’s a smart girl and always on the look-out for things to do. She enjoys meeting and interacting with other dogs, although she’s still working on her doggy manners.

Bubbles is looking for an experienced owner who will continue with her training and socialisation and help her grow into a well-adjusted, social and happy adult dog.


Breed: Standard Poodle

Age: 4 years

Dolly is a happy girl who brings joy to all that meet her. She came to Mayhew as her owners no longer wanted her, and the team discovered she was heavily pregnant. After giving birth, she spent a few months in an experienced foster home mothering her nine pups, ensuring they all had the peaceful environment they needed while the puppies grew.

Despite a tricky start in life, Dolly is a happy girl who brings joy to all that meet her. We are delighted to say she has now found her new home where she will receive the affection she deserves.

Dolly – Mayhew (


Breed: Husky X Malamute

Age: 7 years

Diva came into Mayhew’s care as her owner’s ill health meant she could no longer be looked after. She is a sweet natured girl who takes time to build bonds with new people, but once she has built trust, she is very loving and affectionate, wanting nothing more than a good belly rub.

She also enjoys being out and about, going for long walks and playing with her doggy friends in the park. Diva is a smart girl, who enjoys her training – she is looking for an experienced and active owner, and a home where she can take centre stage.

Diva – Mayhew (


Breed: Old Tyme Bulldog

Age: 4 years

Ivy came to Mayhew as a stray and is a friendly and playful girl who thrives on human affection and being the centre of attention! She’s a big fan of rope toys and tennis balls.

Ivy is looking for an experienced owner who is knowledgeable about dog behaviour and body language and will be happy to continue her training and confidence building around other dogs. She will make a fun, loyal and rewarding companion for someone who has the time and understanding to fulfil her needs.

Ivy – Mayhew (


Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age: 6 years

Beano is a lively and affectionate dog who brings a smile to everyone’s face. Beano was a stray, but his difficult start in life has not diminished his capacity for love whatsoever – he adores human companionship, particularly if you’re throwing his favourite rubber ball.

After dental treatment from Mayhew vets – not to mention countless hugs and energetic football games with the animal carers – Beano is ready to find the person or family that will give him love for life.

Beano – Mayhew (


Age: 3 months old

Lanning is a beautiful girl with two adorable male siblings. The three kittens were brought to Mayhew by a member of the public who explained that their mother was a stray who had given birth in a neighbour’s shed. We are hoping to find a home for Lanning together with one or possibly both of her brothers.

While the boys are curious and enjoy a fuss, Lanning is a little more reserved and shyer than her brothers. Mayhew is hoping to pair Lanning with either of her brothers, Cummins or Stokes, or all three could be rehomed together.

Lanning and Stokes or Cummins – Mayhew (


Age: 3 months old

Tommy is a friendly little guy. Once he has got to know you, his adventurous spirit takes over and it’s time for a good old play session.

Tommy has come a long way in his time at Mayhew thanks to the care and warmth of his carers. Starting out shy and retiring, his confidence has grown and he now lives his best cat life, careering around the kitten garden and wrestling with his friends.

Tommy would ideally live with his brother, Bear. The siblings were born outdoors. The person who found them adopted Tommy and Bear’s mum and brought the kittens to Mayhew to be rehomed.

Tommy – Mayhew (