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Penlan Farm

As well as producing some of the ingredients for our moist dog food, Penlan Farm is where we take practical action to conserve and support our local environment.

The Penlan Farm range consists of three varieties of complete moist foods for dogs. These ethically produced foods are made using as many ingredients from our own farm as possible. Those ingredients not grown on Penlan Farm are from sustainable, ethical sources. As with all Burns products, this is a high quality food developed to promote good health and behaviour.


About Penlan Farm

Burns ultimate objective for the Penlan Farm Range is to produce the raw materials which can be utilised to produce a new generation of pet food using locally produced ingredients.

The product is manufactured from raw materials produced mainly on our own farm such as the free range eggs, vegetables and spring water with bought-in organic brown rice. The finished product is moved to our main site for distribution. The wheat and oats to feed the chickens is grown on the farm, therefore, reducing the miles that their feed travels. The land is farmed with minimal external inputs. The farm produce is manufactured into a high value end product.

Animal welfare standards are paramount. (Most free-range and certified organic farms fall short of what most people would expect from free range, organic farming.) Burns is a corporate donor to the farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming.

Burns Penlan Farm offers:

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