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Thoughts on Neutering Rabbits

Published: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aside from my own three rabbits (all rescues) I’m fostering a little male rabbit for a rescue in South Wales called Friends of the Animals RCT. He is a great little chap, very friendly but was no longer wanted and was going to be put to sleep.

Before Sheldon (as we named him) is rehomed he had to be vaccinated and neutered.

Neutering is important for so many reasons; it is not simply to stop unwanted babies. Neutering male rabbits (castration) can help to reduce urine spraying and aggression. This is of great benefit if you have indoor rabbits as it makes them even easier to litter train.

Up to 80% of female rabbits will develop uterine cancer by the age of 5 years if they are not neutered (spayed). Females can be very territorial and show aggression but again this is something that can be reduced with spaying.

Rabbits should live together in pairs as they are social animals. However, the best combination for a lasting friendship is a male and female. BOTH rabbits should be neutered to reduce any aggression and ensure they have the best chance of forming a great bond. 

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