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We’re all in it together - again; Bang to rights; Dog magazines

Published: Monday, April 25, 2011

We’re all in it together (Chapter 95) 
A writer in the property section of Sunday Times is bewildered when a friend moved house from trendy Stoke Newington to dreary Muswell Hill.  It turns out that there is a top primary school in the area.  What’s more – it’s a state school so it’s FREE.  The article goes on to feature a £900,000 four bed terrace house which is “not cheap, but think of the thousands you’re going to save on school fees.”

We’re all in it together (Chapter 96)
Nick Clegg has been making waves about privileged young people being given a leg-up via internships.  These are the usually unpaid work experience positions in politics and the civil service which are given to the well-connected children of the well connected. David Cameron is “comfortable” with the idea of him giving an internship to the child of a family friend.
A friend tells me at a hunt ball in Gloucestershire as a fundraiser for the hunt, internships were being auctioned. What’s a few thousand pounds if it gets your child a good start in life?  And it’s cheaper than buying a house in Muswell Hill.

Bang to rights 
A letter arrives from the local court.  I’ve been awarded £8 in compensation.  A local thief who was caught stealing eggs from our honesty box has pleaded guilty. I can’t get over his protestations of innocence and his hurt feelings at being falsely accused yet he took the eggs and when we opened the box there wasn’t a penny there.
And we caught him a second time since.

Dog magazines 
I am one of the panel of “experts” in Your Dog magazine where I advise on feeding. I try to give unbiased advice about feeding and health without mentioning Burns but I don’t have that problem with the Dogs Today Think Tank blog spot.  I’ve been giving my opinion this time on “hay fever” i.e. an itchy dog, loose bowel motions and epilepsy.  One questioner wants advice on patriotic gear for her dog to wear to celebrate the Royal wedding.  I usually have an opinion on most things but that’s definitely not my department.

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