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Travelling by train with a dog

Published: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I’ve never travelled on the train with a dog before but last Friday I decided to try it. Yogi can be quite a nervous dog and is scared by buses and lorries so I was a bit anxious about how he would be when the train pulled into the platform.

To distract Yogi I took a tuggy toy and played with him far back from the edge of the platform. When the train doors opened he was curious but scared as there was a huge gap between the platform and train. He cowered down and clung on the platform with his nails but both the lady with the food trolley and the transport police man encouraged Yogi and he jumped on after a few seconds. On the train he soon settled down but wanted to sit in the aisle to people watch! I had to encourage him with treats to tuck himself in out of the way.

We needed to change trains after a couple of hours and he got off the train, walked along the platform and onto the second train with no issues at all. The second train was very quiet and Yogi lay in the aisle asleep. Some kind passengers (who insisted on stepping over him rather than me getting him to move) even offered to get me something from the buffet carriage as I couldn’t go with a dog.

The ticket conductors on both trains (Arriva and First Great Western) were both very friendly and happy to see Yogi and the staff at the final station pointed us to the disabled ticket barriers which were wider so we had no issue getting through.

It was a very positive experience and the reaction of everyone was excellent, although I made sure that Yogi didn’t pester or get in the way of anyone who wasn’t keen to see him.

My tips:

  • Check with the travel company before your journey about traveling with dogs.
  • Ensure you carry plenty of treats to distract your dog if he is getting a little anxious or to encourage him on and off the train.
  • Carry water and a bowl for your dog; trains can be warm.

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