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Training With Cider – Part 2

Published: Monday, March 7, 2011

Last night was lesson two for Cider and I but now we had been promoted we did not know what to expect. Cider went through the door slightly better than last week and then realised what she had stepped into! That loud smelly hall!

It was not long before we were joined by Indie, Hugo and Helen. Cider was at ease and the lesson began.

It was time for the recall test … You have to sit your dog, walk away from them, turn to face them and then call your dog! Oh great, this would be fun! I was paired with a six month old Beagle and all Cider and the Beagle wanted to do was play but we were going to give it a try. After a bit of effort I had Cider sitting, sort of watching me but she also had one eye on the puppy friend next to her! As it was her first time I walked backwards to the line and, once I got there, I shouted to Cider who came like an angel …

Unfortunately I had cheated! We were meant to wait for the instructor to say “call your dog” and to wait for the Beagles owner to be ready too!

Next up were Hugo and Indie … and yes, we were put to shame yet again! The two did the routine perfectly the first time! Cider and I will have to work harder.

Afterwards we had a game of musical chairs, which was quite confusing as it had no music!? Then it was time to play find the treat. A treat is put in a plastic cup and then four cups are turned upside down on the floor. You have to send your dog to find the treat. Cider ran straight to the cup and indicated the treat was there but the look on her face said ‘’but its been on the floor and I am not eating it!’’ The trainer tried to offer her some cooked liver and she turned her nose up at this too.

Cider is not very food motivated so I have had a few issues with recall as she will not come back to you for food … she just runs past and says “no thanks!” I have tried everything from ham to steak and all have been declined.

Oh well, back to school!

Burns Pet Nutrition Team

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