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Teething Problems

Published: Monday, May 23, 2016

I‘m on the lean side, in fact I’m quite skinny. When I arrived in Ferryside, The Boss thought he would fatten me up a bit so he gave me quite a lot to eat without measuring it out. He likes telling other people how to feed their pets but he’s not so clever following his own advice.

What happened next? Well, I started to produce lots of poo. Not only that, and I’m quite embarrassed to say so but, now and again, I quite fancy a bit of poo. Actually it’s not so much that I like it; I just can’t seem to stop myself, even though I know it’s wrong and is bad for me. As a result, El Kapitan cut me back on my rations. I must admit, I’m not quite so interested in poo-eating now; maybe The Boss knows a thing or two after all.

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