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Sensitive Skin in Dogs

Sensitive Pork and Potato

Itchy, sensitive skin is very common in dogs and can be caused by many things. Symptoms include scratching, licking, chewing and biting. The ears, paws and back end are most commonly affected. The best approach to maintaining good skin health is to choose the right food so your pooch can ditch the itch.

Burns Sensitive Pork and Potato is a very popular choice for dogs with sensitive skin.

Sensitive Pork and Potato
Sensitive Pork and Potato Sensitive Pork and Potato
Other recipes for sensitive skin:
  • Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice is a great novel protein choice for dogs with allergies
  • Burns Sensitive Fish & Wholegrain Maize is a favourite with our nutrition team for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Burns Sensitive Chicken & Wholegrain Maize is very economical to feed and a great alternative to a rice-based diet
  • Burns Free From Turkey & Potato is particularly suitable for dogs with allergies or food intolerances
Daily Feeding Amounts
Daily Feeding Amounts Daily Feeding Amounts
Fur-ever itching?

Dogs with itchy skin are often soothed by natural food free from common allergens.
Keep things simple. Find a natural, wholesome food diet, high in complex carbohydrates especially wholegrains like brown rice and a diet low in protein and fat.

It is advisable you:

  • do an elimination diet – stick to a straightforward diet you can monitor
  • avoid beef, wheat and dairy – 70+% of food intolerance in dogs
  • look for novel ingredients- ones your dog hasn’t eaten before
  • avoid treats, dental chews and table scraps – vegetables are OK
  • know every dog is different – e.g. one may not suit chicken but do well on duck
  • have a check up at the vet to rule out other possible causes

The beauty of this approach is it will help soothe itchy skin – promoting all-round holistic health. In fact John Burns has written a blog on itchy skin.

Food for Itchy Skin
Food for Itchy Skin Food for Itchy Skin

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