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Sensitive Digestion in Dogs

Sensitive Pork and Potato

Allergies and food intolerances can often affect a dog’s digestive system. Making good dietary choices for your dog is one of the best ways to avoid digestive upset and support excellent physical and mental health. Keep things simple. Find a natural, wholesome food diet, high in complex carbohydrates especially wholegrains like brown rice, low in protein and fat and free from additives.

Burns Sensitive Pork and Potato is a very popular choice for dogs with sensitive digestion.

Sensitive Pork and Potato
Sensitive Pork and Potato Sensitive Pork and Potato
Other recipes for sensitive digestion:
  • Burns Free From Duck & Potato avoids ingredients that commonly cause reactions
  • Burns Free From Turkey & Potato is an excellent alternative for sensitive dogs
  • Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice is a great novel protein choice for dogs with allergies
  • Burns Sensitive Chicken & Wholegrain Maize is very economical to feed and a great alternative to a rice-based diet
Daily Feeding Amounts
Daily Feeding Amounts Daily Feeding Amounts
Bite-sized ways to make a di-fur-ence:

Dogs with sensitive digestion are often soothed by natural food free from common allergens.

It is advisable you:

  • do an elimination diet – stick to a straightforward diet you can monitor
  • avoid beef, wheat and dairy – 70+% of food intolerance in dogs
  • look for novel ingredients- ones your dog hasn’t eaten before
  • avoid treats, dental chews and table scraps – vegetables are OK
  • know every dog is different – e.g. one may not suit chicken but do well on duck
  • have a check up at the vet to rule out other possible causes

The beauty of this approach is it will help soothe sensitive digestion – promoting all-round holistic health. In fact we have blogs on digestive issues – see below.

Food for Upset Digestion
Food for Upset Digestion Food for Upset Digestion

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