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Same Litter but Different Dogs

Published: Friday, January 21, 2011

Spencer and KT are 8 years old today. Who are they?! Well they are collie x retrievers owned by myself and Karen (one of the other Burns nutritionists).

Spencer in the sea

Over the last few years I have found that owning my own dog makes it easier to relate to customers and understand what they could be going through. For example many owners tell us that their dogs are very greedy…well through the years Spencer has eaten food cooking on the hob, dragged my mother into the road for a chip and can eat 150g of Burns dry food in under 50 seconds!   (His birthday present is a ‘slow feed bowl’).

Spencer in the snow

I think with Karen and I having littermates we have also been able to explain to owners how no two dogs are the same. We often get calls on the helpline with people worried that their dog is too small because ‘she’s not as big as her brother’. There is 10kg difference in weight between Spencer and KT!  Their temperament is also different. KT much more of a collie, very active, on the go and always alert. Spencer takes after the retriever side and is a couch potato (except when at flyball). He lets my four rescue rabbits jump all over him and is scared of kites, raspberry noises and crane flies!

KT on the beach

This is something we recognize when giving advice on the Burns helpline – that each dog is unique and his/her needs will differ from others. Our advice is therefore tailored to each individual and we encourage owners to keep in touch with us so the diet can be fine-tuned as the pet gets older.

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