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Sadie & Tilly at Agility Rocks

Published: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hello from Heidi!

I thought I'd do a little update on how the girls and I got on at the UKA Agility Rocks show on 7th Feburary at Stretcholt Equestrian Centre in Bridgwater. It was a lovely show and the girls were so relaxed and enjoying the day. It was Sadie's first time competing at Novice level - she did an amazing job and won 1st place in Novice agility! Unfortunately, she had 10 faults in Novice steeplechase, as someone (me) forgot were I was going! I may need a Sat Nav or start teaching the girls how to count! On our last run in novice jumping, Sadie had a little wee in the ring, but when you need to go you have to go...

Tilly did amazing, always trying to please me and is the most outgoing little Staffy. She is nervous of dogs, the sound of whistles and some barns but she took it all in her stride and was having so much fun, it was lovely to see. The first novice steeplechase was just far too much excitement for her, and she made up her own course (I always thought she was a creative dog!). We then went onto our agility run where I couldn't fault her at all - she listened to me and did 12 weaves perfectly, there was just an unlucky fault on missing her contact. The girls had an amazing day and really proved how well they are coming on and getting a lot faster.

Heidi, Tilly and Sadie.

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