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Published: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yesterday’s Daily Mail contained an article on the UK’s best fed pets (page 23).  Is it rude to say that some of the owners seem a little nuts?! Well, as it contained a cheesy photo of me with two of my rabbits and I am one of the owners mentioned, I think I can!

I actually hope the article put people off owning a rabbit or at least getting one on a whim. They are not inexpensive pets or easy to keep. I spend a lot of time, money and effort looking after my four. This is also one of the reasons Burns is supporting the Make Mine Chocolate Easter amnesty campaign. MMC is trying to get pet shops to stop selling rabbits over the Easter period and promote awareness that they are often dumped in a rescue within 6-12 months of people getting them, i.e. once the owner realises how much work they are or the novelty wears off.

My advice is, please do your research before getting a rabbit and ensure they really are the correct pet for your family and lifestyle.

Burns Head Nutritionist

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