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Power, Corruption and Lies

Published: Monday, January 23, 2017

An (unarmed) Trident missile fired in the Atlantic from a British nuclear submarine went astray and instead of heading towards Africa went in the direction of the USA. This raises some questions. Under the Sale of Goods Act, which in 2015 was replaced by the Consumer Rights Act, a product must be fit for the purpose for which it has been sold.  Clearly, this Trident missile was not fit for purpose and so the British taxpayer is entitled to a refund of £17 million.  But what about all the other Trident missiles?  How will we know if they are “fit for purpose”? And can we be sure that if one is fired at Russia, it won’t go off course and hit Germany instead?  Who will pick up the tab for that?

On his first day in office as President of the USA, Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s Press Secretary was caught out with what appeared to a brazen lie about the small size of the crowd attending the ceremony.  A senior White House aide then told NBC that Spicer had merely been offering “alternative facts.”  A new slant on “post – truth.”  So much for Trump’s pledge to “drain the swamp” in Washington.



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