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Pippa the Amazing Shrinking Dog

Published: Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We love hearing your #PoweredByBurns stories, so when Sian got in touch to tell us about Pippa the sheepdog's amazing weight loss story, we knew had to share. Pippa has lost an incredible 16kg since being with Sian and her health and happiness has been transformed for the better. Read Sian and Pippa's story below:


"Here is a photograph that I took of Pippa on the day I went to meet her. As you can see, she is huge and miserable looking. Her owner had died the previous week and he had been in hospital for about 5 weeks previously.

A kind neighbour was visiting her 4 times a day to give her some food. I looked at her with some trepidation and wondered what I might be taking on. But, without someone to rehome her, she was going to be sent to the pound and I felt that she was likely to be put to sleep since she looked so unappealing. 

So, I boldly took her on and here she is on the day she came home:  

In her first few weeks she managed to lose almost 1kg per week and after 5 weeks had dropped to 30kg.

We went on holidays to the Llyn Peninsula and I managed to heave her in and out of the car with the help of my son. On our very first clifftop walk she set off at a little trot - a bit uncertainly at first. She had never been walked off lead and after about 50 metres, she stopped and turned back, as if waiting to be told it was ok. We waved her off and she went thundering along the path like an earth moving machine!. She met a labrador who wanted to be friendly and they barrelled off together. I could have cried - this was the life she’d never had. 

Very adventurous and cheeky, there is nothing that seems beyond her. My vegetable garden has a low wall that joins onto my neighbour’s single story kitchen. Pippa decided this needed to be checked out and I turned round to see her trotting along my neighbour’s roof peering into the bedroom windows. Heart failure for me, needless to say. 

Sometimes she seems to forget that she isn’t fat and stands by an opening waiting for it to be big enough to fit through. Her vet records show that she was already overweight by the time she was 2 so she was very used to being unable to do things and using her weight to be stubborn. Shortly after she came to me, I wanted to move her from the sitting room and she just sat on the carpet, totally immobile gazing at me implacably as I pushed, shoved and cajoled her.

By Christmas time, she was down to about 24kg. When she tried the same trick, I just picked her up and carried her out. Her face was an absolute picture of indignation and bafflement. 

She has a glorious friendly temperament and will greet other dogs patiently when we are out and about. Now that the fat has rolled away, you can see her pretty face and stunning merle markings. People often stop us just to admire her pretty looks. It’s a far cry from the early weeks when people simply stopped and stared at her or remarked how fat and ugly she was. She is now lovely and I expect that they are still rude and unpleasant!

She has shed about 46% of her starting weight and is now about right. Losing the fat has been such an easy process with a bit of discipline - finding my beautiful sheepdog underneath all that fat has been a lovely reward." 

Do you have any pet stories you'd like to share with us? Whether your prized pooch is a mischievious mutt or has lost some flubber on Burns, we'd love to hear your canine tales. Email us at info@burnspet.co.uk.

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