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New pet shop; palace coup; the boy did good; dining out

Published: Friday, December 3, 2010

New pet shop
Burns has always tried to promote the independent pet trade and the local high street in general but we’ve now gone one better.  We have just taken over the running of our very own pet shop.  It’s called Pets Corner, shortly to be re-christened Burns@ Pets Corner. (Should there be an apostrophe there?) It is in Market Precinct in Carmarthen which is a reasonably prosperous county town.  Over the years the pet shop has gravitated towards the cheaper, low end of the pet business and it is our intention to reverse that.  That’s the only way the independent pet trade can survive and why else would we take it on?  I want to see the best for pets and their owners.  That doesn’t mean expensive luxury goods and tat; we want to promote good quality and value.  We’ll also be selling our Penlan eggs and other produce which should help to pay the bills.  It’s quite exciting really.
Now; what’s my next idea?

Palace coup
There’s been a palace coup at Burns.  Our son Hamish has taken over the general management of the business so I am officially semi-retired.  But they’ll need a spanner to loosen my grip!  I’m still being asked what I want to do about a) b) or c) but I just say “Nothing to do with me.”  It’s amazing how many different ways there are to say that.
I’m concentrating on my next idea – whatever it is.

The boy did good
In his formative teenage years, Hamish was not, how can I put it, academically inclined. I asked advice of a friend Derek Rafaelli who was a psychologist.  He said you’ll find that by the time he is thirty, he’ll still be living at home and he’ll be asking you “Faither, can I get you a cup of tea; or do you need me to go to the bookie for you?”  Almost spot-on – He’s running Burns and I have to go to the bookie myself.

Dining out
Last night we went to a Thai restaurant.  The idea is a fundraiser, in this case for Kidwelly Twinning group.  You pay £12 for the night, the restaurant takes £8 and the group gets the rest.  The food was excellent and in fact it’s a cheap meal.  I don’t think I’m a tight-wad but the drink was a different matter.  £19 for a small bottle of Thai beer and a bottle of cheap plonk might not be out of order in a London restaurant but this was Llanelli on a Monday night in December.

God wanted to site the Garden of Eden in Llanelli but the planners turned it down.  They said the development would not be appropriate to the area.

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