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Published: Monday, February 6, 2012

At the start of the New Year I started to look for a new companion after the very sad loss of my Collie x Retriever, Spencer.

I wanted a dog from a rescue but I needed one which was good with other dogs (as I look after another collie occasionally), good with cats, pet rabbits and suitable for agility. A tall order! However, not long after I started looking I saw a litter of Collie x Labradors…

‘Yogi’ comes from a small family run rescue (Creature Comforts, Powys) and was one of 5 in an unwanted litter. He has a thick coat due to living outside and looks a little bear like – hence why we called him Yogi.

He is an older puppy (about 8 months) and has lived all his life with his litter mates. Friends warned me that he would have missed out on early socialisation because of this and may be a bit of a handful.

However, I’ve now had Yogi for 4 weeks and so far he has been wonderful. He was not house trained when he arrived but by crate training him and going back to basics (standing outside in the freezing cold with a clicker and a treat waiting for him to pee so I could praise him!) has worked well.

He initially lunged and tried to chase my cat. My cat is very dog savvy so generally stands her ground and again by distracting him with a command, click and a treat he soon became bored with her and stopped the chasing within a week.

Here he is with my cat – she is teaching him bad habits!

In the month I’ve had him, he’s had his first pre-agility lesson, been to watch an agility competition (to get him used to the environment), come to work with me and met lots of dogs and people – all of which he loves.

He is a little fearful of new things – he doesn’t like people riding bicycles or traffic and was initially scared of getting in the car but by making everything fun and with time and experience (and friendly cyclists who will stop and let him sniff them!) he is coming around nicely.

I think he’s going to be a wonderful dog.

Fiona Campbell - Head Nutritionist

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