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Mail on Sunday pet food shock; here we go again; Marcus dips his toe

Published: Friday, October 1, 2010

Mail on Sunday pet food shock
This week’s Mail on Sunday ran a two page spread written by a woman whose dog died because of rubbishy commercial pet food.  The usual suspects were there explaining how dogs should be on raw food because of their evolutionary origins.

The article listed a range of symptoms (smelly coat; bad breath; lack of vitality; dirty teeth; dull eyes) which disappeared when the dog was fed a raw diet.  The severity of fits also reduced.  All of this indicates that she had indeed been feeding a poor quality pet food. All of these symptoms respond to good quality pet food too.

Here’s what I wrote on my blog on January 22:
“The big news story for us this week has been the Daily Mail piece about poor quality pet food and the effect on health.  Except that it is not news. This is more a hardy perennial slanted to promote the prejudices of a very small number of raw food zealots.  I wouldn’t mind if they simply said that they feed raw food and it works for them and their pets.  But they don’t.  They endlessly recycle their theory about raw food which I am not going to repeat here.  It’s in my Guide to Natural Health Care.  They never engage with the objections to the raw food theory or the science which refutes their beliefs. 
As I wrote the other day, pet owners themselves must shoulder some responsibility for their pet’s health.  Now that would be a news story.”

Pete Coleshaw, one of the vets featured in the Mail on Sunday article has written to me.  His comments are available here.

It’s déjà vu all over again. 

Marcus dips his toe
At lunch, Marcus, our horny handed man of the soil announced that tonight he is going somewhere he has never been before.
“Alcoholics Anonymous?” asked your correspondent.
No.  He is going to the opera. He asked if there was likely to be any drink there and on learning that there should be a glass of wine at half-time he’s decided to take a few cans.

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