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Just a Momo; parking tickets; speed cameras

Published: Friday, November 26, 2010

Just a Momo
The other day when I wrote about status dogs I might have added that I wouldn’t be seen dead with a Chihuahua.  Strike me down but the police force in Nara in Japan has just taken on a long-haired Chihuahua called Momo (Peach).  She may not be much good at frightening local criminals but she makes up for it with her sniffing ability.  She will be a search and rescue dog but with the ability to get into gaps inaccessible to bigger breeds.

Parking Tickets
The main story in the Llanelli Star this week is about a 21 year old woman who awoke to find the bailiffs in her house threatening to take her dog after she failed to pay £11,000 in fines for 160 parking tickets.  This raises two interesting questions.  How do you manage to accumulate £11,000 in parking fines in Llanelli, and how much will a pet dog fetch? 
Only a person with no sense of personal responsibility could persist in parking in a resident-only area despite receiving ticket after ticket.  She has now agreed to pay £5 per week which I estimate will clear the bill by 2054, just in time for her 65th birthday.
The good news is that the Dora the Staffie will not be sent for auction.

Still on parking tickets, a friend has just received a demand for £70 for staying too long in a supermarket car park.  The notice does say that this they will accept £40 for prompt payment [so pay up quickly]]  I imagine that most people will pay up but the bill is only enforceable if it can be shown that the owner/keeper of the car entered into a contract with the car park provider.  The car owner may not even have been there; the car may have been loaned to someone else.  Or the car driver may not have read the sign (if any) saying that a charge would be levied for staying too long, so there could be no agreement to accept the excess charge.  My advice is don’t be bullied; only pay up if you accepted liability in the first place.

Speed Cameras
Staying with motoring, friends and Tory MP’s rage about the money raised by sneaky speed cameras.  My view has always been don’t break the law.  It turns out that local authorities are planning to remove speed cameras to save money!  Speed cameras don’t make money; they reduce road accidents but at a cost.

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