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Published: Friday, February 11, 2011

Biting the hand that feeds you… 
This week Chancellor George Osborne announced that he plans to charge the banks an extra £800 million tax. This is substantially less than the Labour government were charging them and amounts to only 13% of the £6+ billion in bonuses they are handing out, yet the banks are furious. Yesterday we had an inkling of why they are so upset. The Bureau for Investigative Journalism announced that half of the donations to the Tory Party in the last few years have come from The City. 

A proposition arrived from University of Stirling Department of Psychology. It began “I would like to tell you about an exciting business opportunity for your company.” It would make better psychology not to dress up a request for financial support as being something primarily for my benefit.

Dogs Today
I’ve been busy this week giving my penn’orth in the Dogs Today Think Tank (q.v.).  When it comes to solving other’s problems I’m your man!

The Bunker
The Guardian obituary column recently reported the death of German film producer Berndt Eichinger. Who was he, you ask? His film "Downfall", which is about Hitler’s last days in the bunker, has been parodied countless times and you can catch it on You-Tube. My favourite parody is the one where Hitler, played by Bruno Ganz, loses his temper when he is brought the news that his team, Sheffield United, has been relegated thanks to a last gasp goal.

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