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Happy New Year!

Published: Thursday, January 9, 2014

I recently collected my cat Charlie from her stay at our local ‘pet hotel’ whilst I was visiting relatives over Christmas. She gets a whole bedroom to herself with a cushioned windowsill and a nice view out of the upstairs window; still I think she is happy to be home. She even rubbed herself against the dog.

Charlie is now 11.5 years old and has been on Burns since she was 7 weeks old. Back then we didn’t have a kitten food so she went straight onto the adult food with some additional protein in the form of cooked meat and fish.

We’ve had only a couple of ‘blips’ in her health over the years, generally she is looking and doing great. She suffered from cystitis and crystals in her bladder after I discovered that she was not just visiting one neighbour for extra food but two and one of them was giving her a whole bowl of milk every day! After a polite word with the neighbours things returned to normal but it seems that unfortunately she would always be prone to cystitis. Soaking her Burns food in warm water morning and evening keeps her urinary system in great health. She still gets the occasional meat or fish scrap but nothing else.

The second incident was last April when she didn’t come home one evening. This is very unusual because she only ever goes out to the toilet then is back in to the warmth. I found her unable to jump the garden wall to get home. A trip to the vet diagnosed a torn cruciate ligament in her knee and an operation was needed. After a week in a cage to rest her leg she was allowed out and has bounced back using the leg perfectly. It probably helped that I have not allowed her to become overweight (and believe me this is not easy – she was brought up with a Labrador and will eat as much as you offer!).

Charlie had a check-up last September and the vet couldn’t believe how old she was. Her teeth are in great shape for an 11 year old cat and the vet asked me if she was a great hunter? Her theory was that the bones from the animals would keep her teeth clean. I had to laugh at this, Charlie doesn’t hunt, that would be too much effort! ‘No’, I told our vet ‘she is exclusively on Burns cat food and she doesn’t even eat it dry’.

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