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Fledgling Days

Published: Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gregory came to St Caradog’s in unusual circumstances.  Despite being a teenager he had not attended prep school; in fact he had no schooling at all and had been living a semi-feral lifestyle.

Despite that he has settled in well at St Caradog’s and his education is coming on in leaps and bounds (no pun intended, ha, ha). 

Gregory has already learned to come when called and will do so most of the time.  He still expects to be rewarded with a treat each time he does so, but that should be resolved with practice. 

Gregory has a very nervous disposition and when he arrived he was easily frightened by loud noises such as cars and trains and even loose manhole covers but his confidence is growing.  He can now walk without a lead and will sit when he hears a car or on command. 

Gregory has been receiving mentoring from a mature lady called Val.  Val is from New Zealand and spent the month of April in Ferryside.  Thanks to Val, Gregory has made many friends, both human and canine in Ferryside and he is settling well into the community.

Unlike most teenagers, Gregory is keen to please and has an extremely pleasant personality which will put him in good stead in his future career.  Gregory seems to prefer sport over his academic studies.  He is particularly keen on cross-country running which he enjoys daily.

St Caradog’s encourages physical education and Gregory has brought a new dimension to this.  Rather than exercising in the gym, Gregory has taken to charging round the furniture and under the dining room table while barking and growling at breakfast.  As well as disrupting the breakfast calm, this is having an adverse effect on Gregory’s housemaster who is already highly strung.

Gregory has not yet adjusted to the basic protocols of toileting.  This is causing some disquiet among the cleaning staff at St Caradog’s.  It is hoped that Gregory will amend his behaviour before the school governors take action on this.  The school may have to consider expelling Gregory but this would only be as a last resort.

Gregory has the capability to go on to higher education.  His exuberant personality could be ideally suited to working with people with brain injury.

In summary, Gregory shows excellent promise and should be a great asset to St Caradog’s.

The Heid Maister

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