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Feeding a giant breed dog

Published: Monday, March 24, 2014

Freddy is an 18 month old Great Dane, and is the largest dog in Britain standing at 41 inches to the shoulder and weighing 11 stone. His owner is feeding a range of foods which is costing her £75 per week!!! He is fed on a complete diet with added tripe and chicken, why add things if the diet is complete? He is fed around £28 worth of treats per week on top of his food oh! and the odd slice of peanut butter on toast! Really not the ideal diet in my eyes and the price per week is practically unaffordable. The full story of Freddy can be found at this like;http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2554418/Meet-Freddy-7ft-1in-11st-growing-The-Great-Dane-whos-big-walked-dark-dogs-wont-scared.html

I have Zak, a 3 year old Great Dane standing at 36 inches to the shoulder and weighing 70kgs which is pretty much 11 stone. I used to feed Zak on the Burns Duck & Brown Rice diet but have recently changed him over to the Large & Giant Breed food. This costs £54.49 for a 15kg bag and I feed Zak 550 - 600 grams per day. This equates to £2.02 - £2.18 per day or £14.14 - £15.26 per week even if this was per month it would be around £55 - £60 per month that’s still a lot cheaper than the £75 per week that Freddy’s owner is paying!

Zak is fed a complete diet and so needs no added extras added to the diet. He will have a roast bone once a week which costs around £1 and perhaps a pizzle per week which again would be around £1 each.
Zak is fed 3 times per day as he had suffered from bloat before we took him on so he gets fed at 6.30 – 9am, 6pm and 10 – 11pm. As we have two dogs Gypsy is also fed 3 times per day.

Although Zak is fed on the Large & Giant Breed diet at the moment I also feed Gypsy the 9kg Terrier on this diet and she actually prefers it. At first I was feeding her a mix of the Duck & Rice with the Large & Giant Breed food. She then began to leave the Duck & Brown Rice kibble and eat the larger kibble only. Now she is fed 14 kibbles per meal!

My friend Stu with Zak:

Freddy and his owner Claire Stoneman:

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