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Dogs that get under your feet

Published: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hugo is currently recovering from having his paw trodden on. This happened while he was dancing around in the kitchen while food was being cooked. He limped on his usual walk and has spent quite a while licking it and feeling sorry for himself. He seems almost back to normal now so I don’t think a vet trip is needed. This is something most people with a greedy dog are probably familiar with. He gets shut out of the room during cooking but the slightest opening of the door and he’s already barged back in there. He has already had his Burns food (and devoured it in seconds) but is also under the misapprehension that he will be getting ours….every single night. He very rarely does get any. But he lives in hope, because just occasionally he might get that tiny tid- bit he’s been waiting for. And there’s the crux of it- we’ve caused this highly annoying behaviour by giving in to his begging just those few times.

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