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Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Obesity and Junk Food

Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

George Monbiot has an interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian. He himself picked up the story from the New Scientist. 

There seems to be a large body of evidence which points to Alzheimer’s being a metabolic disease, which should perhaps be called Type 3 diabetes. An inability by the brain to use insulin leads to inflammation and impaired conductivity in the brain. There is a already a link in that type 2 diabetes sufferers are two to three times more likely to be affected by Alzheimer’s. Thirty million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s and this figure is set to soar. If as is suspected the disease is linked to the brain’s inability to use insulin as is diabetes we could really be in trouble. Diabetes is strongly linked to obesity which has trebled in the last thirty years.

As Monbiot says, Alzheimer’s like obesity, could be a product of the junk food industry.  It’s too involved to go into here but you can look it up!


Has this anything to do with pets? 
I think I can claim to have got there first.  What happens with humans is reflected in our pets and, like humans, the majority of pets are being fed on junk food.

The general principles, if not the precise example are all in my Guide to Natural Health Care. Poor quality food and overeating lead to inflammatory disease; diabetes is just one example of the resultant degenerative diseases.

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