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Having fed my 3 dogs on Burns Mini Bites I recently changed my Kooikerhondje on to Canine Alert. I have noticed a difference in his behaviour with him being a little calmer but more focused. His overall condition has also improved. At a show on Sunday his breeder noticed a marked improvement and said that he is looking good in the ring. I am exhibiting him at Crufts on Saturday and will attempt to visit the stand to give an update on his results. My Kooikerhondje was awarded his first Best Of Breed under Mrs J Swinburn at Bournemouth Championship Show on Saturday 8th August. He is fed on 100 gr of Canine Alert and 1 teaspoon of Lamb and Vegetable Moist Meat with porridge oats, and bran. Whilst others around him were flagging in the heat Guy moved with energy and drive, down to the correct diet and exercise. Thank you Burns.

P Field