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Change the Record, Boss

Published: Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's half term at St Caradog's and I'm off on my hols. I'm going to Penlan Farm with my driver Marcus.  The Boss is going to Majorca.  I wouldn't mind trying that, I hear the Spanish cuisine is quite good but I've never been to Penlan Farm so that will be interesting.

I'm not too happy about the car journey but perhaps Marcus is a better driver than The Boss and it's only a 10 minute journey away. 

Did I tell you I hate going in The Boss's car? The Boss thinks I have a deep-seated psychological problem with his car - something to do with leaving my home in it. It's not that at all. It's the music! I'm up to here with Deacon Blue! Nothing wrong with them (I love the song Our New Land) but not all the time! He's actually got some interesting stuff. 

Have you heard Foy Vance?

First Aid Kit?

Future Islands?

I love them but they don't come up enough on the shuffle.  He needs to get himself a new playlist...

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