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By Royal Appointment

Published: Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm feeling a bit miffed right now.  A few weeks ago a posh-looking letter arrived from the Lord Lieutenant's office.  I think it was addressed to me but The Boss opened it.  An invitation to a garden party at Buckingham Palace! 

I grew up on a farm close to Prince Charles's farm so, being a near neighbour it had to be for me. 

Actually the invite was for two so I thought I'd let The Boss come along - I'm generous like that.  I was really looking forward to the opportunity to check out the Corgies. They come from West Wales too.  

However, come the day, The Boss didn't take me, he took his daughter Amy instead. She's my human-mother so I know I ought to be pleased for her, but it should have been me!

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