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Crufts 2011

Published: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fiona and I took the second shift at Crufts this year and so have been working there for the weekend. This is Fionas 10th year at Crufts… does that make her sound old?

Crufts can be quite tiring with long days where you are standing on your feet all day and, no matter what shoes you wear, by the end of it your feet ache! However, it is worth putting up the discomfort to meet our existing customers and well as potential new ones. It is also always nice to meet the dogs!

Many owners and organisations we sponsor came to say hello and thank us for having such a good food. This is always nice to hear. Others came to ask about the food for their dogs and to talk over any health issues they were having. It is always good to give advice and help where we can. John Burns suggested to an owner that she could feed vegetables to her dog.  She had previously rung our nutritional helpline and, due to the health problem her dog had, we advised feeding no other food or treats. She told John that she wouldn’t feed vegetables because ‘There is no point in phoning for advice if you’re not going to take it!’ so that told him!

We met a stunning Tibetian Terrier which we all decided was in perfect condition and even the owners vet had said it was the perfect weight yet the owners have been told the dog will never be placed because it needs more body! It has to be 2kg fatter making it overweight before it will be chosen!!

We heard this a lot over the weekend and were asked what could be done. We believe anyone who has been told by a judge that their dog needs to be fatter, oh sorry, “should have more body” should name and shame the judge in a letter to the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club and Crufts are supposed to be promoting the healthier dog and lifestyle so why do the judges still want them fat?

Usually we have the more mature ladies wanting their photo taken with John but the one that made us laugh this year was the gentleman who came to the stand and wanted his photo taken with John to make his Mother jealous!!

The stand next to ours had some funky animal hats displayed which we thought were hilarious until John disappeared, came back with five and made us have our photos taken in them!

Burns Pet Nutrition Team

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