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Kittyastrophes and Rescues

Published: Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hi, I’m Karen and I have been a member of the Nutrition Team since 2002, but I’ve been involved with the company since 1995 when Burns was in its infancy. I share my home with Kt, my 8 year old Border

Collie x Retriever, who is full sister to my colleague Fiona’s Spencer. Kt are often joined by Poppy and Whizzy, my son’s two Labradors, and occasionally by a Rottweiler called Star.

Almost a Kittyastrophe 
Kt and I take a walk down on Kidwelly Quay and the estuary most mornings, usually before dawn, and our route means that we have to cross the main West Wales railway line. One morning last week the barriers were down when we got there and as we waited at the crossing Kt became very excited. It was dark and the visibility was poor so I couldn’t see what was capturing her attention. When my eyes adjusted I could see a cat sitting on the railway line -  frozen to the spot because she had seen Kt (who thought she’d found a new playmate). To my horror, I could also see the lights from an approaching train!  I knew that I had to get Kt out of the cats line of vision so I ran around the corner dragging a rather confused dog with me. Poor Kt thought I was cutting short her walk and tried to slip out of her collar! Thankfully, once we moved, the kitty calmly walked off the line and through the barrier giving us a filthy look as she passed by. Phew – a kittyastrophe averted!

KT to the rescue
The incident with the kitty on the railway line brought to mind another rather traumatic walk I had with Kt.

A friend’s ‘Rottie’, Star, is one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met and she spends quite a lot of time with myself and Kt. She loves Kt and often wants to play but Kt is indifferent and simply tolerates her.

This particular day we were walking along the Gwendraeth River estuary from the Quay . The river is tidal so the banks are quite steep in places where the river has washed them away. Undeterred Kt regularly launches herself into the river for her daily swim. Star, however, likes a paddle but doesn’t like to get her belly wet.  This particular day she decided to follow Kt into the water but soon discovered it was too steep for her to scramble out. I realised she was stuck and began to panic. I rushed down to the water’s edge, not having a clue as to how I could rescue her as at 33kg she is far too heavy to lift! My only thought was to get into the river and keep her head above water in the hope someone would come by to help get her out. By this time I was really panicking and very close to tears.

Meantime KT had finished her swim and decided it was much better fun to look for rabbits in the hedges. She was nowhere to be seen. Just as I was getting into the river Kt jumped over my shoulder into the water and swam over to a gently sloping bank taking Star with her. They calmly got out of the water, had a good shake and resumed their rabbit hunting. Near to tears, I sat on the bank and pulled myself together – not quite believing that I had just witnessed Kt rescuing her friend.

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