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Training with Cider

Published: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last night Cider and I went to our first training class. When we arrived outside the building she thought “Oh, how exciting!” She happily walked up to the door and, as I opened it and went in, promptly slammed on the brakes. The hall was smelly, noisy and very scary for a young spaniel! After a few minutes I had coaxed her in but she was far from happy as the noise echoed around us.

… then there were all those other dogs. Usually they would be great fun if she was off  the lead, but they kept sniffing her head and her behind! She was not really sure where to put herself.

Whilst waiting for the class to start and my colleague Helen to arrive, Cider sniffed around and tried to sniff a few dogs but, as they turned to sniff her in return she would jump away. Finally a friendly face appeared … it was Indie, a Bearded Collie, followed very closely by Hugo the Old English Sheepdog and my colleague Helen.

Cider then seemed more settled and the class began. It  involved lead walking around others, sitting, recall work and the down command. Cider has never been taught the down command and did not have a clue and Helen, Indie and Hugo put us to shame showing they could do the down command without fuss!

We must have been ok though as at the end of the evening we were told we had been promoted to the advanced class! Yes that’s right … Cider, Indie and Hugo all passed on their first night.

The advanced class begins next week and involves more off lead work and things like musical chairs. I wonder what Cider will make of it?

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