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Burns Packaging FAQs

Packaging FAQs

We are an ethical company with a pledge to transition towards more sustainable packaging across all our ranges of pet food and treats and this is an ongoing project that we will be working on for years to come as new technologies become available. Continual developments will see Burns packaging also being manufactured from recycled material – contributing towards a more circular economy and out of the natural environment.

Can you please let me know where to recycle the sacks?

Many local councils will recycle the packaging in your kerbside collection so we would recommend checking with them. Some councils may recycle it at their centre but won’t collect it. There are also many local drop off points you can take your empty packaging too such as Terracycle or Recycling Technologies where you can take the packaging to be recycled if your local council does not yet have the facilities.

Is the Penlan pouch recyclable?

The Penlan pouch is not currently recyclable at kerbside collections. There are however many drop off points you can take the pouches too as long as they are clean and dry. We are planning to change our Penlan Farm pouches to fully recyclable trays soon.


Where on the bag can I find the information on recycling?

The recyclable logo is on the righthand side of the bag for our dry food. The logo shows that the plastic is PP5 which is fully recyclable.


Many councils will not currently recycle the Penlan Farm pouches so there is not a recyclable logo on these. Specific drop off points are available to recycle these pouches, however.


The move to plastic seems a backwards step. I’m sure the plastic isn’t as environmentally friendly as the other version

Although our previous packaging had layers of paper, it also had layers of plastic and the individual layers needed to be separated for it to be recycled. The outer layer of packaging contained ink and was laminated so was not widely recycled. This packaging was a lot less likely to be recycled than our current packaging.


Plastic packaging has had a lot of bad press recently, but we need to look at the whole picture. It takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag. To produce paper bags, forests must be cut down and toxic chemicals are often used. Plastic is made from the waste products of oil refining. It makes good environmental sense to use this by-product until other fuels have been developed. It also takes 91% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than it takes to recycle a pound of paper (Northern Ireland Assembly).


Our next step will hopefully be changing to recycled plastic which can then be recycled and so we can continue the loop and it will be more sustainable. In the long term, we will be continuing to improve the material used for our packaging as more technologies become available.


I hope that you will soon be going one step further and finding a non-plastic alternative

We see our packaging as an ongoing process, and we will be continuing to search for improved materials. We have now made the change to 100% recyclable packaging and we are currently looking to move to packaging made from recycled plastic as our next step, this will create a more circular process between the packaging being re-used into new packaging.


We will however be continuing to research and keep up to date with packaging materials as new technologies become available.

Why not keep your previous packaging and explain to those sufficiently motivated that they could separate the packaging to recycle it?

Our previous packaging was not fully recyclable. The layers were glued together, and the outer layer contained several inks and a laminated coating. Our new packaging can be fully recycled and is also ready to incorporate a percentage of recycled plastic.

Burns must take responsibility for making a choice not to put MORE plastic out there!

One of the main issues with plastic is when it goes to landfill and does not get recycled, because it is more environmentally friendly to produce plastic than paper. Many local councils already have the facilities to recycle PP5 plastic but some do not and it is important that the recycling facilities improve in the UK.


At Burns we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and continually seeking ways to improve our environmental performance.


For more information please see our page on the environment and conservation.


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