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16th Jun 2022

Britain's best loved dog food

for the second year running

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by Burns Team Writer

Which? Survey 2022: Burns is the nation’s best-loved dog food for 2 years in a row!


Last year, Burns came joint top of 24 dog food brands, but this year we’re a clear winner out of 30 dog food brands. Not only have pet owners deemed us their favourite dog food on the market, but Burns also works out as the dog food with the lowest daily feeding cost!

Public opinion allows us to shut out the noise from clever advertisements from major companies. Instead, consumers are being heard loud and clear, letting us hear real opinions from real people! We’re so pleased to hear that pet owners (and their pets!) love Burns as much as we do.

In the latest Which? Consumers’ Association poll for favourite dog food, Burns Pet Nutrition has come out on top of all other dog food brands! Burns was one of the top options for dog owners whose pets had a sensitive stomach too.

“We surveyed 3,122 Which? members to discover the most delicious dog foods you can buy. Burns was the most-loved brand for the second year in a row (and is also a good-value option)” – Which? 2022.

Our low daily feeding amounts truly set us apart from the rest. Firstly, this will lower your daily feeding costs and makes a bag go further. But what you may not consider is that it’s better for your pet and the planet! Our highly digestible recipe meets the needs of the pet, instead of exceeding them. Our simple, wholesome, and hypoallergenic recipes are perfect for delicate tummies. An additional bonus to this is less poo – hooray! The benefits of Burns are endless.

Read article: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/pets/article/which-dog-food-brand/best-and-worst-dog-food-brands-aXxOj4c2O65d

At Burns Pet Nutrition, we offer natural nutrition for your pet that won’t break the bank. Our high value, healthy dog food is suitable for all adult and senior dogs of any breed.

Feed your dog the healthy way.

Browse the full range of natural vet recommended dog food from Burns. Suitable for every dog breed and life stage.

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