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Beware of the Canine Christmas Feast

Published: Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The season of cheer and goodwill is almost upon us. Come the New Year we at Burns will be expecting calls asking if we have changed the formulations of our foods.  No we haven’t.  The problem is that the dog has just started itching again.  Or it has had a bout of pancreatitis.

What frequently happens is that the dog or cat gets a share of the Christmas dinner, mince pies or lots of fatty treats.  It’s natural to want to indulge our pets at this time but some pets are just too sensitive. 

The main recognised food ingredients for causing food allergy in dogs are beef, wheat and dairy. I mentioned the other day that Burns Choice was under fire on Allaboutdogfood website for using maize which the site (wrongly) claims causes food allergies. I’ve since had another look at the website.  Not content with getting it wrong about maize, the author gives five star recommendations to certain foods because they have high meat content while overlooking that they contain beef and wheat!

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