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Apparently dogs are funny

Published: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One of the first things that that Huey laughed regularly about were the dogs. Apparently their every move was hilarious. Sometimes all they’d have to do would be get up out of their bed and he’d be laughing at it. The dogs excitement at going for a walk or eating was even more entertaining and Huey would start waving his arms around in amusement.

Naturally, the first thing he reached out to try and grab were the dogs. Hair pulling is something we have tried to discourage but they both, particularly Indie, have learned to avoid his grabby little hands and will back away if they see him starting to reach out. Grabbing at things happens at a similar time in baby development as to when they are ready to start eating. The dogs have loved this! For all their being laughed at, they seemed to have had the last laugh since they have realised there is a positive gold mine of food on offer since Huey has started eating. He is fed by a method called baby led weaning which allows him to feed himself, however, this involves putting food on his high chair and allowing him to clumsily try and get the food to his mouth. Although his hand/ eye co-ordination has improved greatly bits are still regularly dropped. Cue the dogs eagerly waiting in the eaves to come and clear up. All these extras every day means that they are having slightly less of their Burns food every day, otherwise they will start to gain weight very quickly!

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