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All Change

Published: Monday, November 12, 2012

All Change!

Earlier this year things changed! Cider, my Springer Spaniel got a new friend, an 11 year old grumpy terrier!!! Oh Great! Not in her eyes! After a few weeks they came to an understanding with each other and things were going well. Walks were fun, they could cwtch up (‘cuddle up’ for those not living in Wales!) together on the settee and each had company during the day whilst I had to go to work. Things were going very well and I think even Gypsy, the grumpy terrier, was secretly enjoying life! It was a little bit of me and my shadow, where one went - the other followed.

But then I threw a spanner in the works! 

I bought home Zak, a 14 month old Great Dane and this didn’t go down well!

Cider was very frightened of the big beast, she screamed like a girl and ran away from him, Gypsy on the other hand just growled at him and this was the beginning of weeks of chaos.

Zak decided that everything in the house, the toys, the balls, the bones and chews along with the food was all his and the girls were not allowed anything and this included any attention from me. Zak would push in so the attention was on him and the girls would miss out – What had I done!

Zak had come from the “Great Dane Care” I quickly realised that Zak had no manners and had not been taken out, as the outside world was a frightening place for him. Oh and trying to hold him on a lead when he wanted to lunge at the man on the bike, the child in the pram or the dog on the other side of the road was virtually impossible!

57kg verses 70kg! I wasn't going to win and I had my work cut out.


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