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All Change - Part 3!

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I can now walk Zak past pushbikes, prams, joggers and I can even distract his attention from the cows and sheep in the field when he’s off the lead! One day, when he was running off the lead with Cider and Gypsy, he decided to give Cider a few digs! He would stand on her, and put his mouth around her neck. I tried putting him back on the lead for a few minutes, but he would just start on her again, when I let him off! I’ve worked out, that you can now distract him by making a noise, shouting “HERE” for example, and rattling the treat bag. I’d then ask him to sit, and on performing this action, I’d reward him with a treat. I would also give a treat to Cider and Gypsy, if Zak was sat or was behaving while I gave the treats to the others – he could have another one. He’d then trot off happily, almost as if he forgot he was “bullying” Cider, a few minutes before.  

I took Zak and Cider for a walk together not too long ago, both off lead and playing with a ball each. This was a great success, Zak did “have a go” at Cider once, but this time, she stood up to him, and he quickly backed down! I didn’t have to stop is, as I had to do previously, I asked them both to sit, and rewarded them both, then I continued to play ball!  There was no trouble; no arguing over balls, so lots of praise was given on this walk!

I’ve been left with a few issues now. Zak has not yet shown any aggression towards other dogs, but sometimes he lunges at them when I walk past. I’ve met up with a few groups of dogs on my walks, but I quickly put Zak on a lead to walk him past – however, he still lunges!

So what do I do? Shall I keep him on the lead and walk him past? If he’s off the lead, leave him off and allow him to greet the other dogs? Or shall I keep him on the lead, but using a long lead, allowing him to sniff and great the other dogs?

The progress has been positive, and there’s still occasionally jealousy between them all. But things are improving daily, and I must not forget – It’s early days!


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