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All Change - Part 2!

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

It was the 23rd of August when I bought Zak home, and boy - I seriously upset the apple cart!

Since then I’ve had my work cut out ‘attempting’ to restore some order and harmony amongst Cider, my 3 year old Springer Spaniel, Gypsy, my 11 year old grumpy terrier and Zak, my 16 month old Great Dane!

Zak was frightening and Cider spent a lot of time cowering behind the sofa. Gypsy just growled and snarled whenever Zak went near her! Another problem I had was that Zak thought everything was his!

If Cider tried to pick up a toy Zak, would snatch it from her, and no matter how hard Cider would try, Zak would keep taking it back! So on the 3rd of September I emptied the two boxes of toys all over the kitchen and the lounge, surely Zak couldn’t take them all? Now, there was so much choice! Zak began to let the girls pick up and play with some of the toys, while he would just take his own toy. I did this with tennis balls too, and after enduring a week of toys and tennis balls all over the place, it seemed to work! Finally there was a feeling of peace; the dogs were now starting to play with different things at different times! A step in the right direction I guess!

I decided to try this method with bones, Zak has been quite aggressive with treats, normally, he snatches them from my hand, however – I decided to put 25 bones of all different shapes and sizes in the kitchen when I went to bed one evening. I listened and waited for the snarling, growls and screams, but nothing? No noise! Both cider and Gypsy happily carried the bones around the house, and they chewed them whilst Zak got his own, and did the same. He totally ignored them, or if he did react, it was just to watch what they were both doing.

Zak’s also now stopped chasing Cider around the sofa! – I’m really pleased with his progress, although Cider’s a little wary of him, I’m sure this will come... Given time!

Becka :-)

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