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A Star in the making!

Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I have some exciting news for you all! We’ve recently adopted a new puppy into the family.

We had been looking for another member of the family for quite some time and came across this little cute bundle of fluff completely different to our  preference in staffies and Terriers but fell in love with her in a second. She was adopted from Many Tears Animal Rescue in Carmarthen. She is a Border Collie cross Terrier (we think Jack Russell) she was a litter of 4 with 2 sisters and a brother. Her rescue name was Fondant now Star.

She is completely different to the girls and is going to be a handful! She looks like a Border collie but has the temperament of a terrier so that will be fun! She is already starting her basic training and is taking it all in although she wishes she could do it at 100mph. She is a little cracker and although she is tiny she is fast and far too smart for her own good! Tilly and Sadie have finally learnt to love her in their special ways.

I have been feeding her on Burns Mini for the past two weeks and she loves it so much that at feeding time she spins jumps and just about manages to sit down before dinner (work in progress)! She’s made many friends like Neo the Bichon cross who is also fed on Burns.

Tilly and Sadie are still competing and they have come on so well. Sadie is working on her Points to progress to Senior in UKA. early this year Tilly took a step back and lost a lot of confidence in the ring when competing so we took some time out to work on this.

Louise Caldwell (whose dogs are also sponsored by Burns) ran her in a competition and Tilly was amazing - bouncing through the weaves and having so much fun it was brilliant to see. Sadie came Second at a Kennel Club show at Sevenside and was so close to winning, but I think she waiting for the right time. We’ll be at the Dogs Trust show next week competing and helping to raise some money.

Here is the link to Star's first video hope you guys have a fab summer holiday and get out with the dogs :) 

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