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Winter Storms

Published: Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cefn Sidan beach regularly wins Blue Flag awards for its clean waters but winter storms can cause some interesting things to wash up. Last week Fiona and I took our dogs, Spencer and Cider, for a walk there. At the end of the beach Spencer came across what looked like a lump of chalky rock. It had an orange centre and seemed very tasty but there again, Spencer is quite greedy and will eat most things! We walked past and did not really think much more about it.

A few days later I walked this route again, but this time it was Cider stuffing her face with the strange chalky rock with the orange centre.  Perhaps it was some sort of white chocolate orange crème? Again I carried on but had to wonder what made it so attractive?  Once back in the van I offered Cider water, which she refused, and then drove away but, as I did so, Cider vomited. Luckily the seats of my van are covered in towels! By the time we got home Cider had vomited three times and it was all white chalky rock stuff with orange bits.

Once home I e-mailed the Country Park and asked if there was a chance I could meet a ranger to help me to identify the rock. A few days later I had a reply to my e-mail; “I can inform you that this item has now been taken off the beach. It is  actually similar if not identical to material washed up on Cefn Sidan in 2008. At that time the Environment Agency informed us  that these materials are used in food processing, detergents and soaps. They are low risk but presumably if dogs eat enough of it they would have tummy trouble!”

So poor Cider ate soap - no wonder she was sick!!  Spencer must have a cast iron stomach!

On a different note, Gary and I are First Aiders for Burns; Gary looks after the warehouse and I have one side of the offices to patrol! Our First Aid certificates were due to run out this month so we spent last Thursday and Friday in Swansea on a refresher course- that meant a day kissing ‘Annie’ and tying each other up in bandages! I can happily say we both passed our assessments and are ready to deal with any injuries that come our way!!

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