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Louise Caldwell, Trinity & JJ

Louise lives in Caerphilly with her two terrier type dogs, both of whom are rescues from Friends of the Animals RCT.

Trinity (Madam ’a Pickle)
Trinity is a two year old Scottie cross. According to Louise, she only does what she wants when she wants which makes her incredibly hard work. Louise got her from Friends of the Animals RCT in January 2010 when Trinity was just four months old. Louise hoped to do heel work to music with her but although she loved training without the music, as soon as the music started Trinity would get stage fright and wander off sniffing instead. Louise also did flyball with her (which Trinity really loved) but unfortunately the flyball team split up and they had to give it up. They then joined Caerphilly and District Agility Club and started to have lessons with James Coxon and Vicky Shelton. Louise says “Trinity sometimes would rather stop and roll rather than continue on the agility course but she had her first two 1st places at a UK Agility show in September and I am still buzzing from this. She has just started tracking lessons as well and she loves all the sniffing and finding delicious Burns venison hearts and tongues - yummy! At present she is fed Burn’s ‘Alert’ to help keep her active.”

JJ also came from Friends of the Animals RCT and is a ‘failed foster’ dog. He is approximately 16 months old and Louise describes him as a “Yorkie x chipmunk!” JJ was a ‘put to sleep’ case due to his fear aggression which manifested as wanting to kill anything that moves. With the help of James Coxon (a qualified animal behaviorist and trainer) Louise is helping JJ get over some of his fears using positive reinforcement training. Louise tells us “Although he is much better he still has moments where he likes to have a nibble on me. JJ is a complete nightmare to live with. He does not stop and most days it tires me out just watching him running around playing. He has taken to agility rather well and has fantastic focus. He really wants to work but the only problem is he will only work for a giant, red, hard plastic ball which is nearly the same size as him not easy to run with! JJ is fed Burn’s High Oats.”

Louise is comparatively new to agility and has only been competing for the last six months. Despite this she is making rapid progress and her dogs are showing real promise. She says “I’m a strong believer in feeding my dogs a well thought out, balanced diet due to the fact some behavioural issues can be caused by some foods having unnatural ingredients in. I only train my dogs using positive reinforcement as I don’t think yelling and punishing a dog actually does it any good in the long run.”