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Jen Lewis and Dil

Jen started training her first dog, Freyja, for agility when she was nearly three. Freyja didn’t like the fact that Jen didn’t have a clue what she was doing and used to bark at her all the time in frustration.  They were lucky if there were any poles left up on course when they had finished! 

Thankfully, Jen got her act together with the help of her second dog, Morgan, who was much more patient and the three of them learnt and improved together.

After a very successful career, Freyja, who is now 11½, finally retired from competitive agility in July 2010. She went out in style, winning the UKA Masters Heat at the Nationals Show after two 2nd places earlier in the year. This win gave her a Masters title to add to the Win Champion titles in Performance and Steeplechase she also obtained in her final year. She is still fit and well and enjoys running about in the woods and doing agility on low height fences at home and in veteran classes at shows.

Morgan is 9½ and competes in Grade 6 at KC. To date he has two wins towards advanced status and last year won into Champion level at UKA. He is recovering from a back injury at the moment but will hopefully be back jumping soon.

Dil is 3 years old and is Freyja’s half-sister. Since she started competing she has won into Grade 6 in KC, had two wins towards advanced status, and achieved Champion level at UKA. She has qualified for the Olympia Novice Semis for the last two years running and last year she also qualified for the Dog Vegas Novice Final and won the CSJ Novice Agility Final. Both Dil and Freyja have qualified for the UKA Nationals Final for the last two years.

Jen loves spending time with her dogs whatever they are doing, but she particularly enjoys agility.  She says "You can only get the best from your dogs if they are enjoying themselves and want to work for you.  This is what I find so rewarding - the challenge of motivating and teaching true understanding in order to get the best enjoyment and performance for each, very different dog."