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Hungry or Greedy dogs

Non-stop eaters

With these dogs, appetite is NOT a reliable guide to requirements. Offer the prescribed maximum according to weight. This can be given as one meal or split between two feeds depending on preference and the amount can then be adjusted depending on results.

The perpetually hungry dog

Some dogs seem to be always hungry and want to eat non-stop. This occurs even when it is clear that the dog does not need more food. Many humans are similar in this respect. Sometimes there is no solution to this problem of feeling guilty that the dog is being deprived. Very often, the desire for food is conditioned. That is, the dog has learned from past experience that if the owner is eating then the dog will be given food.

The best way of dealing with this is the same as for the fussy dog - by providing diversion and stimulation in the form of a walk or play. The more you give food on demand, the more the dog will expect it.

However, the Weight Control+ and Organic are higher fibre diets which may satisfy the dog more if the adult maintenance diets do not seem to be suitable.

Occasionally we come across this problem (hunger) or a dog which is too thin i.e. skinny as opposed to lean. We would like to offer an additional suggestion. There is a lot of variation between individuals; one dog may do better on chicken, another may be better suited to fish or lamb. There is no way of predicting this or diagnosing exactly why. The only way is by trying it. We have a variety of adult maintenance foods. If your dog is thin or excessively hungry we suggest trying one of our products with a different meat source. We suspect that food intolerance may be becoming more common. Other symptoms of intolerance could be diarrhoea, skin disease, behavioural problems etc.

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