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Emma Hughes & Alfie

We’re pleased to announce our sponsorship of Emma Hughes and Alfie!

In 2015, Alfie was selected to represent Wales at Crufts 2016. Alfie is very well known in obedience and has a little fan club!

Emma says:
Alfie was brought up on Burns Puppy Original Chicken & Rice and is now powered by Burns Active. He also absolutely adores the Penlan Farm wet pouches as well and has these on a regular basis.

I began life in obedience with Henry my Labrador who is now semi-retired but who taught me so much about dogs and also about myself as a trainer and a person.  I owe him so much as he got me into the sport that I now absolutely love! 

I had Alfie when he was 7 weeks old and started training him pretty much straight away… By about 5 months, he was showing loads of potential and he was entered into his first show at 10 months where won his first rosette! 

Since then we have been on an amazing journey together winning through the classes and gaining his Obedience Warrant title but most of all, we have enjoyed every second together. The bond between us has grown stronger and stronger.  

He has so much energy and enthusiasm for his work. He is a real showman and loves to show off in front of people watching! He is such a happy, healthy boy with a love for life and everything he does.  His goldie smile says it all! His diet definitely keeps him in tip top condition and gives him all the power supplies he needs to compete at shows all over the UK each weekend. 

Being selected to represent Wales at Crufts 2016 is a huge honour and achievement for us both and has rounded off an amazing season of winning and qualifiers for him for Championship C. We will certainly be very proud to step on to the green carpet together for our country!