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Chrissy & Alan Mitchell

Chrissy & Alan Mitchell

Chrissy and Alan live in a small Northamptonshire village.  Both have been heavily involved in agility since the early days of the sport, competing at top level in Kennel Club shows. Alan is a Championship judge and trainer, Chrissy currently has two dogs competing at Grade 7.  

Our dogs are primarily pets and part of our family, but we all enjoy our agility immensely.  The enthusiasm of the dogs, the partnership that is formed between man & dog and the obvious benefits to health, both mentally and physically, make it an excellent sport for dog lovers.

So here's to the new season and a brief update on our dogs:


Blue (Rajjinka Blue Magic)

Blue is a 5 year old blue and white Border Collie. She has a strong desire to 'work' and focuses all this on agility and ball play.  Her enthusiasm makes her a joy to train and run and when we get it right it's the best feeling! She competes at Grade 7.

Rosy (Little Blue Addition

Rosy is a little crossbreed rescue from Many Tears Rescue (Llanelli, Carmarthenshire). She joined our family in January 2013 and was a cruelty case, we never expected her to be able to compete, but agility actually helped her to confront her fears, embrace and enjoy her new life.  She loves her agility and quickly progressed through the grades to Grade 7.  We are very proud of her.

Stone (Blue Gem Stone)

Our beautiful Grade 7 Working Sheepdog, now 13 years 'young' and retired from agility. Such a happy healthy boy, still enjoying his long walks.


Meg (Little Blue Nutmeg)

Little Meggy joined the family in the Summer, she is a small black and white collie cross, nearly 12 months old and another rescue (also from Many Tears).  She is extremely enthusiastic and loves to learn, she's already started training and is a little bit crazy!



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